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Welcome to the Noogenesis

Zanadu is the DiamondLight Dakini, the energy of Oneness, embodied in Love. She invites all the Devas and all the myriad life-forms that arise on Gaia Sophia to recognize and celebrate how beauty~full they are and to realize their Cosmic Consciousness in Opulence.

We are birthing the New Earth and building the bridge to One Mind.  We are tapping into the Infinite Treasure House Within.  The Feminine Mind is leading the movement to Infinite Wealth.  There has never in the history of the Earth been a time like this. We are now participating in what is called the biosphere-noosphere transition: When life on Earth (the biosphere) evolves into an awakened planetary mind (noosphere).

There are many ways to interact with Gaia Sophia - and at its most intimate form of interactivity, Galactic Gaian Tantra is shamanic, sensorial and sensual.  We shall explore the various ways in which we can cultivate our relationship with the planet and cosmos within the framework of energy healing, natural timing, artistic and creative expression, dance and movement, meditation and ritual, permaculture living, which embodies eco-sexuality, tribal community building and sacred plant medicine. 

These pathways open up the human to divine nature ~ the activation of our Christos~Sophia Blueprint.  All of Creation is held in the Light of Oneness. May all Sentient Beings of all walks of life, find their true calling and experience expansion.  All are honored on this cosmic tantric journey.  

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