Rev. Alana Wheaton D.D. D.M.


Cosmic Consciousness


Cosmic Consciousness

Welcome to the Noögenesis

Greetings Divina 🌹🐉🌹


Artist, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Midwife and StarSeed Branding Creatrix 🥰. 

I run a Product Development Company as well as a nonprofit foundation called the Noögenesis Foundation with my husband Andrew. Together we are creating an intergalactic hub of creativity that seeks to promote peace through art and galactic culture initiatives. We assist our community of StarSeed Entrepreneurs in aligning with their Soul's purpose and building a strong brand and soul-led business through energetic coherence and support them in sharing their timely message and becoming financially sovereign. My magic combines entrepreneurial flair with energetic strategy and the birthing process know-how.

Since the tender age of 17, I have been trailblazing in several industries. As a truly versatile entrepreneur, I have built several businesses from scratch to multi 6 figure success by age 24. My domain ranges between interior design & branding to web development & endocannabinoid medicine. With particular attention focused on plant based trauma healing over the last decade, I have gained even greater traction for helping countless others jumpstart their own successful products and brands!

Drawing on my wide-ranging entrepreneurial background, I shattered the seven-figure barrier in 2017 to secure a contract with an impressive 500M investment company. Since then, I've been empowering investors around me to realize and launch their own ambitious product visions into reality.

It sounds easy, I know...

But, it actually hasn't been.

As a young girl, I was fiercely independent and driven to understand life's mysteries. By age seven, my curiosity drove me to read 24 volumes of medical encyclopedias - giving birth to an intellectual powerhouse within me that craved knowledge beyond what the world's curriculum could provide. Despite this incredible intellect however; tragedy struck when my father passed away from suicide during adolescence which caused tremendous trauma as well as impacted aspects of my identity such as self-image and worthiness. The healing began after the birth of my first son, which revealed a powerful lesson for me - I learned how intuitive breathing can bring healing for resilience amist any tight spots or opposition that arise when creating something beautiful and divine out of our lives (and higher consciousness).

As a multifaceted cosmic pioneer and innovator, I am driven to create - while constantly uncovering new depths of my own potential. Navigating the risks involved in forging ahead has been critical on my journey towards entrepreneurship and self-actualization; yet with each leap forward I find ever greater fulfillment in guiding others down their unique path to success. As an empathetic midwife for star kin souls, it's not only a joy but also my privilege to provide spiritual nourishment during this creative initiation process as they birth their highest expressions into our shared reality!

I invite you to dive deep with me, explore your edges and find the seed kernel of your creative genius. My expertise is to guide you to birth and embody your StarSeed brilliance so that you can be DYNAMICALLY expressed in your brand authority. Together, we shall fine tune your areas of mastery and I will give you the badass permission slip to liberate your essence self and be fully expressed!

ZANADU ~ StarSeed Branding Creatrix  🐉🌹🐉
Rev. Alana Wheaton D.D. D.M.

Embody You StarSeed Brilliance™ ~ Branding from a Cosmic Perspective